My family is always up to something. Despite never previously working in, let alone owning a restaurant before, starting from scratch in a new country and going through the good, bad and really dark and twisty parts of restaurant life, we’ve all somehow ended up working in food and drink, just in our own little ways. When you take a step back and think about it, that’s quite something.
I remember when we first closed the restaurant, I went out for lunch with my friend Sandrine, who told me this, ‘it is not a failure to close your restaurant and it’s only a failure if you don’t learn something from it’. We’ve all learnt a lot and we may have our own projects, but we still have each other’s back. So, here where you can get your Dosanj fix this winter:
Chef Mum | Poppadoms |
Everyone in the industry calls Mum, ‘Mum’, it’s just what they do – it may have something to do with her hugs, but I can’t 100% confirm that theory. Chef Mum has been hosting regionally inspired monthly cooking classes since the Poppadoms days, and now she runs 3-hour hands-on classes at Urban Fare. Best of all, you get to eat all the delicious things at the end of class and then take home the recipes to recreate yourself.
cooking class_insta tile.jpg
At some point, Mum is likely to inform you that ‘Indian food is only as good as your spices’, which is very true. While the majority of the world’s Indian restaurants liked to cut corners and buy the cheapest of the cheap spices, we bought the best and what we used at the restaurant is what we’d package to sell to you. Oh yeah, you can also get frozen sauces that you can just thaw and add your own Okanagan veggies or sustainable meat/fish to and boom, a quick meal without the nasties. You can find these at the Kelowna Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market, Sunshine Market, One Big Table and Nature’s Fare, too. The list is growing, so keep calm and curry on!
2019 Cooking Class Dates:

Venue: Urban Fare, Kelowna | 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM | $75 per person (+ taxes)

Feb 14 | Mar 20 | Apr 17 | May 15 | Jun 19 | Jul 17 | Aug 21 | Sep 18 | Oct 16 | Nov 20 | Dec 18

Contact for more info.

Bartender Brother | Bar Travelling Man |
We’ve always treated Harry like a sister, I think that’s why he’s so good at girly drinks – you’re welcome, Harry! Besides residing as the barkeep at the Hotel Elderado, Harry runs Bar Travelling Man, where his pop up bar appears at weddings, parties and mainly The Paisley Notebook’s pop up dinners across the Okanagan.
We’ve never been very good at the whole religion thing, so enter ‘Sunday School’ (disclaimer: that was his idea, not mine) – a 2 hour, hands-on cocktail class that’s split by the theme or spirit. Everyone attending has their own station to work in and you get to drink your creations.

2019 Sunday School Dates:

Venue: Hotel Elderado’s Lounge, Kelowna | 3 PM to 5 PM | $40 per person

Feb 10: Latin America | Mar 3: Juniper

Contact for more info.

Me (otherwise known as ‘me’) | The Paisley Notebook |
Apparently, people get tired just hearing about my plans or just watching me in action. I’m all about making things count and I have ideas ALL the time. So, Paisley is where that energy goes. I have layers like Shrek and an onion (plus every human), so I wanted to launch a new set of collaborative dinners with some super amazing non-food peeps. Cue ‘The Artist Series’ by The Paisley Notebook – a three-part dinner series, each time with a different person and vibe to keep me entertained until I can play outside in the sun again.

  • We’re turning the dinner table into an art installation with local artist and UBCO Master of Fine Arts Alumna, Meg Yamamoto. Partnering with Kelowna Museum Society, the idea is to trace things back to the Okanagan’s agricultural history, then it’s our turn to make that history new again. The idea is to show the Okanagan as not only a beautiful place, but a delicious place too.


  • Teaming up with local single/songwriter/violist, Chloe Davidson to turn my edible storybook into an edible songbook to follow the story of the menu.


  • Lauren Tompkins from West Kelowna Integrative Health Centre will be turning me into a science experiment, so we can talk about the importance of supporting local and health. There are some secret things with this one (but it’s a secret). More details to follow!

Cheers to the rest of winter.

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