Throughout the years, I’ve noticed how food can heal, give comfort, turn awkward strangers into friends and make a little difference. The Paisley Notebook is a project which tries to bring the community together, one pop up dinner at a time.
Each year, I ask friends from across the country to celebrate International Women’s Day with me on March 8. This isn’t an event where it’s like ‘yay, look at us, we’re female’, instead it’s this is what we do and we’re working together to do some good. 100% of proceeds (after operating costs) go to the chosen charities – Canadian Mental Health Association/Foundry Kelowna, Karis Support Society and Slow Food Canada. So, this is all about the charity and everyone who works the event, all volunteer.

You can say it’s an event by the community for the community.  

The funds from the two previous events have been directed towards the CMHA’s culinary programs. Last year, they use some of the money to kit the Wellness Centre’s kitchen out. When you experience to the Wellness Centre, you see how powerful a homecooked meal with love is. That’s why I pitched hosting this year’s dinner inside the Wellness Centre. It was important for me to show our guests how they have made a difference by supporting this annual dinner. Here’s a little recap:

First course: Kaleigh Jorgensen| Creek & Gully Cider, Naramata 
Aged Cheddar Gougères stuffed with Braeburn Apple Mostarda from their Naramata Orchards, Crème Fraîche, Crispy Wheat paired with Liquidity Wines 2015 Viognier.
Second course: Sarah Maw | Block One at 50th Parallel, Lake Country
Fisherman’s Market Crab, Fried Codfather’s Mussel, Buttermilk Herb Emulsion, Green Apple, Kohlrabi, Squid Ink Cracker paired with Little Engine Wines 2017 Silver Chardonnay.

Third course: Davina Moraiko| RGE RD, Edmonton 
Nature’s Green Acres Pork Rillette Pierogies, Prairie Gardens Kohrabi Cream, BC Pickled Apple, Crispy Kale paired with 8th Generation Vineyard 2018 Pinot Meunier Rosé.

Forth course: Aman Dosanj| The Paisley Notebook, Kelowna 
Venison Roganjosh, Green Croft Gardens Potato Purée, Braised Pearl Onions, Sunshine Farm Micro Greens, Two Rivers Meats Venison paired with Roche Wines 2016 Tradition Pinot Noir.

Fifth course: Sarah Farmer| Formerly O’Brien House, Ottawa
Black Apples, Birch Fudge, Cultured Cream, Green Apple Oil, Roasted Oat Bark paired with Red Rooster Winery 2017 Riesling Icewine.

Together, we raised $10,953.89! 

I think Karen Gillis summed it up by pointing out that we were there to mark International Women’s Day and our lineup did just that. Our Winemakers/Owners/Presidents and Chefs were from England, Canada, France and Germany, but we call this home. Together, we’re trying to shine light on how special the Canadian food and drink scene and seeing how far it can go.
The Okanagan shouldn’t work, but it does – so I think it’s ok to do things differently.

Photo Credit: Froehler Photography 
A special thanks to: 
Kaleigh Jorgensen (Creek & Gully Cider, Naramata), Sarah Maw (Block One at 50th Parallel, Lake Country), Aman Dosanj (The Paisley Notebook, Kelowna), Davina Moraiko (RGE RD, Edmonton) and Sarah Farmer (formerly The O’Brien House, Ottawa), Pénélope Roche (Roche Wines), Stefanie Schales (8th Generation Vineyard), Nicole French (Little Engine Wines), Ruth Hanbury (Liquidity Wines) and Karen Gillis (Red Rooster Winery), as well as our volunteers, Eddie the therapy dog, Froehler Photography, the 48 guests that attended, and finally CMHA Kelowna and Karis Support Society.
Save the date: 
Saturday March 8, 2020 at Liquidity Bistro at Liquidity Wines in Okanagan Falls.

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